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robi free net

How are you friends
Hope everyone is well
Today, I am going to share a pack of great internet brands. If you are a Robi subscriber, how can you buy this offer for 4 GB of internet with 5 friends?

Let's get started

We're going to the manual
All Robi customers will get this offer

Take a look at my screenshot first
If you do not have Robi Apps installed then you must install it
Let's use MyRobi Application! Use my referrer linkClick
If you do not have a Robi account first, then you must make an account with your Robi number
First you have to open the My Robi app

Clicking on the More options of your My Robi application here will show many options

Here you can see the plan after clicking on More options...

From now on, you will have my plans to edit my plan from there, without having to delete your data and expiration....

See what I did to enable you to do this

So friends today, if you have any bull so far, if you do not understand and if you do not understand then sms me on facebook page, of course I will try to solve the problem.

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